Saturday, November 30, 2019

"And the scent upon the waters...": Upcoming Workshop with Jullius Distillery

Aqua Mirabillis Workshop with Jullius Craft Distillery
Coming soon: A spiritual (pun intended) encounter between the alcohol and perfume worlds.

Experience the Galilee's indigenous botanicals through the aromas and flavours in both libations by Jullius Craft Distillery and fragrant concoctions by Ayala Moriel Parfums.

We will return to the defining moment in history when the worlds of alchemy and herbalism split from Aqua Mirabillis (drinkable and wearable fragrant alcoholic concoctions used for both medicine for body and soul, and as a beauty product), into two different crafts – the distillation of potable spirits and the concoctions of perfume for its beauty alone.

During this special evening two of the region's original and pioneering alchemists, the master distiller Joov Har Gil and master perfumer Ayala Moriel will talk about their unusual and magical craftsmanship and demonstrate the continuity between the craft of Eaux de Cologne (aromatic and refreshing alcohol-based fragrance) and the craft of DeVie (pure spirit distilled from citrus, grape pomace and other local fruit).

We will also discover unusual aromatic plants, and will try to make perfumes and alcoholic beverages – one-of-a-kind and unique collaboration for that night – that you will of course take home with you.

Number of participants: 10-14

Price: 180 NIS per participant


Not child friendly

RSVP: 0504378866

This event is part of Western Galilee Now's Winter Festival 2019.


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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New Leaves in My Book

Heart Leaves
SmellyBlog has been mostly silent for two seasons. Such a long absence warrants an explanation. While coping with the harsh heat of the Mediterranean summer, I've had plenty of time for soul-searching and redefining what is it that I want to be doing next.

My move to the countryside was not only to be closer to my family, but also closer to the fragrant plants that grow here in abundance. Living surrounded by wilderness and nature has direct impact on my pace of life and makes priorities and values even clearer and more tangible.

I am so deeply moved and affected by the seasonal changes and the healing powers of plants, and I am dedicating much of my time to studying the plants here from every angle - their life cycle throughout the year, their fragrance (if they have any), healing properties and the lessons that can be learned from these resilient and inspiring living beings. While I've always been most drawn to the beauty of plants - especially to the colourful and fragrant flowers -  I am now learning the subtle beauty of the more humble ones, and am enchanted even by those which don't give off perfumes, or those that are edible or "useful" to people in any tangible way. Those plants too are magical and great teachers, showing us their way of life in their unique habitat, their way of facing the elements, and their unique defence mechanisms and methods of coping with hardships are great lessons to our human life, if we only take the time to observe, listen and take to heart.

It is becoming increasingly more important to me to be true to myself, to protect the earth and dedicate my life to healing and making a positive change all around me (starting with myself of course). I am reconnecting with the earth, and with its plant creatures in particular. It is now time for all the seemingly disparate aspects of my life to come together. All the gifts I've been blessed with to be channeled in the most effective way to share the wisdom I've received regarding plants in general, and perfume and incense plants in particular. Besides making natural perfumes, and incense (which I've been most dedicated to in the past two years), there are other components of how to bring this magic and wisdom to the people in my life. One aspect of this is my writing, outside of this blog, namely a book that I've been dreaming of for at least 12 years.

Therefore, this year will be dedicated to further deepening my knowledge of the plants around me and from this place of respect to the plants and the earth, and I have decided to gather all my experience with the perfumed plants in one book:

Complete Guide to the Essentials of Natural Building Blocks (Agarwood through Zdravetz)
The second book I am currently writing is a book which is in the works since 2005, and is planned to be published at the end of year 2020. Pre-order it now and support the completion of this unique project!

This comprehensive dictionary of raw materials of natural perfumery is meant to serve as a continuation of my first book, "Foundation of Natural Perfumery" (2014). Perfumers and students alike will benefit from condensed resource covering over 200 different plant species (and some mineral and animal materials as well) - and the raw materials for perfumery and incense which are derived from them - which amount to close to 400 different botanical extracts and preparations, presenting different colours and shades for the natural perfumer's palette. Each plant receives a unique treatment showcasing its organoleptic properties, in my own unique language which is both poetic and informative; as well as quick reference for how it can be used in perfume compositions, and which essences it pairs with to create magic. Some plants which are particularly important for the trade will receive wider coverage entailing their cultural and historical significance as well as healing or therapeutic properties whenever applicable. In some cases, comparison between different varietals or terroirs will be also addressed.

I invite you to support this project and pre-order this book. It will be ready sometime in 2020. And it will be an amazing resource for perfumers and students. I have done the same thing with my first book, and thanks to everyone's advance purchases of the book, was able to publish my book independently, and fund the editing, graphic design and printing of the first run. I hope to do so with my second book, and for that I need your help!
If this is a book that you'd like to have, please pitch in and pre-order it for a special price, of only $99. The book is anticipated to have at least 400 pages, and will likely need to be printed in 2 volumes, so the final price will be much higher once it is out.
Thank you in advance for your help and for believing in my project!

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