Saturday, November 22, 2008

Boutique Exclusives

Boronia, originally uploaded by Helen Boronia McHugh.

Recent increases in rare floral essences prices have forced me to do something I don't like doing, but have to: increase the price on selected perfumes from my collection. I don't like the snobbish attitude this may imply, but if I want to be able to continue buying the materials to make these perfumes, logic forces me to follow what the numbers request.

The perfumes subject to the increase are those containing precious essences such as boronia, broom (the latter has increased its price significantly this year, and is now about $500 per ounce) and jonquille. Also, the ones that I will probably not be able to get for a long time if at all - such as ambergris and East Indian sandalwood (I have enough in stock to make Gigi for a whilte).

The price for the following perfumes are exclusive to Ayala Moriel's boutique as they can only be produced on a small scale. Their price have been increased to $160 per 9ml flacon:
l'Écume des Jours
And of course, Sahleb and the upcoming (2009) perfume The Purple Dress will bear the same price, reflecting the high concentration of rare essences that goes into their disctinc scent (orris with 15% irone and ambrette seed in Sahleb and red & golden champaca in The Purple Dress).

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At November 23, 2008 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ayala chérie,

ioet tov laalot et hamechir maasher leorid bairrut lo?
Ani bead she taasi kessef, zot haahava shelach aval ze gam parnassa.
Mi she oheve et habssamim shelach, iamshichu liknot otam.

At December 02, 2008 8:02 PM, Blogger Ayala Moriel said...

At tzodeket mea achuz.
I'm sure those exceptional people who like these exceptional perfumes wiht particularly pricey essences would continue to buy them. I know I would do that too.
I'm glad you understand.


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