Thursday, July 17, 2008

Urgent Call to Stop the FDA Global Hamonization Act of 2008

Dear SmellyBlog Readers,

Not often do I like to make assumptions about my readers. But this time I will make an exception. I have a feeling that most of us, besides our love for fragrance, have a few more things in common:

We care about the products we are using on our body. We want them to be safe and healthy. At the same time, we also care about the small, independent and family-owned businesses and many of us prefer to support these businesses and the people behind them - rather than give our money to gigantic faceless corporations. Hey, many of us actually own our own business and earn our living from that.

Well, enjoying these beautiful products and supporting those businesses as well as being able to open and run an independent beauty business in the USA is now at risk due to the proposal of the FDA's Global Harmonization Act of 2008. This act proposes such threat to the existence of small businesses, and instead of protecting the consumers it will simply eliminate their choice and make the concept of free market and open competition completely invalid. By posing heavy burdens of fees and bureaucracy on every product released to the market, it will leave the USA devoid of any small businesses and free choice for consumers.

I ask you all to please view this short clip and sign the petition by adding a comment to this blog post:

To sign the petition, please leave a comment on Donna Marie's Indie Business Blog.

And if you are a USA citizen you can take further action to stop this unfair act from manifesting:
1) Print up the letter posted in the above link (or write your own)
2) Mail and/or email it to the State legislator requesting that this act shall not be passed

For more information about how to take part in your legislation process, visit Knowledge as Power, who will in a few days bring us more tips on "everyday democracy" and how you can get involved in the legislative process to take part in it and have a say in what bills will climb up to the higher stages of the legislative procedure, and what bills will be aborted for either lack of public interest or public opposition.

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At July 22, 2008 5:32 AM, Blogger Perfumeshrine said...

Don't the small guys deserve a chance? I thought so too! How else can anyone become a big guy unless they start (and be allowed to grow) from some place???


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