Thursday, August 24, 2017

Patchouli Remix

The following are a few "recipes" that demonstrate how to pair Film Noir, my patchouli and chocolate laden fragrance, with some of our endearing soliflores to create a scent that is unique to you. We encourage you to play further and explore the rest of our Soliflore Collection and create your own combinations. Please feel free to share them on social media with the hashtag #PatchouliRemix or #AMPlayering - and photos of you and the perfumes, course!

Lovender Layering

Lavender-Patchouli-Vanilla is not so much a note combo as much as it is a scent concept. Although I'm sure was not invented in Israel, it is the most "Israeli" of all modern fragrances. In reality, although the patchouli and lavender are noticeable and recognizable - it is more of a musky-sweet fragrance. It is popular both as a personal fragrance and as a scent for myriads of ancillary products here - soap bars, shampoos, body lotions etc. To me it often smells too strong, too artificial, and at times too fruity to my taste (perhaps some raspberry ketone is somewhere in the mix to support the vanillin and musk molecules).
So, here is a natural alternative for this iconic scent - a recipe for making your own layering:
Dab, spray or apply with a roll on some Film Noir (We always start with the deeper and stronger fragrance, to make the foundation of the scent). On top of that spritz some Lavender eau de cologne.
The richness of patchouli and vanilla notes in both makes a perfect base for the lighter, herbaceous lavender top and heart notes.

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Rose + Patchouli

Patchouli + Rose is one of the most sensual pairing, making the petals of rose ever deeper, and the patchouli sweeter and more alluring.
Apply a thin layer of Film Noir parfum extract or or eau de parfum with a roller bottle or a dabber. Spray a little Rosebud eau de parfum. Rub gently between wrists to create your own signature blend.
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Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)


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