Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Drama Nuii

Bunch of Jasmine
Drama Nuii is a rather jasmine-y concoction from Parfumerie Generale. Not my favourite among their offering, but worth mentioning in our jasmine-context this month. It is not all dark as the name suggests, but rather a fun, fruity rendition of the flower, with a rather convincing, semi-realistic jasmine opening counterbalanced with a surprisingly melony note. It's not as watery-powdery and obvious as this may read - but rather a juicy and surprisingly balanced; almost like candied zucca - with a hint of salt.

It dries down into a musky-lemony thing. Not bad, but quite disappointing after the rather interesting opening, that was both original and far more jasmine-like than half of the perfumes I've been testing since this jasmine marathon began... It's neither particularly dramatic, nor night like (I think Nuii is a play on a Thai word that would translate this into "├╝ber-drama" or something along these lines; but also sounds like "Nuit", night in French). More like the morning after, perhaps.

Notes include: petitgrain, absinthe, jasmine, spices, guaiac wood, sandalwood, musk (but what I'm smelling is jasmine, peach/apricot, cantaloupe, vanilla, lemon and musk). 

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