Sunday, March 02, 2014

Crisp Linen

The 2nd version of my laundry scent is a crisper, cleaner and sharper interpretation. The key notes are lavender - the classic linen scent; and petitgrain - which is simultaneously citrusy, leafy and flowery and with a very clean edge to it. The scent I've created reminds me of crisp linen, actually. Stiffened by the sun, and taken off the laundry line before nightfall will dampen or soften it.

I've tested it today, and it's wonderful both for the wash cycle (the laundry comes out smelling fresh and clean, with only 5 drops of the essential oil blend). Another 5 drops or so can be placed on a cloth or woolen dryer ball to give the laundry an extra oomph. And there are many other versatile uses for the blend which I will tell you about once it's ready, packaged and on the shelves!

I'm aiming for an April launch at the co-op boutique Giving Gifts & Co I'm part of, and am curious to see how the laundry line will be received in Eco-conscious Main street! 

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