Friday, October 26, 2012

The Answers!

Stroll over to Alyssa Harad's blog to read the reveal of the 10 perfumes I picked that were hidden in the book. To be fair, I must admit that didn't even know the correct answers to some of them. To be perfectly transparent with you folks I will even share my "answers": I was right about 7/10 of them - But my amusing mistakes were to identify no.1 as Diorella,  no. 8 was Eau d'Hadrian; and I was quite convinced that no. 10 is Narcisse Noir! Oh, and that honeyed, golden perfume that first captured Alyssa's heart and "made her knees buckle" - I thought that would have been Obsession (it sounded just too well behaved to be Miel de Bois)... I was very far from the truth, and yet am happy to know that I don't know all the perfumes in the world, and am excited to try this one now that I've experienced it through Alyssa's lenses so to speak.
Oh and that is also why I had to ask Alyssa to help me and reveal the true answers!

Before I reveal the winners for this week's giveaway - let me know what the prizes are:
One book to each winner of Coming To My Senses
Decant of Songes EDP from my own collection of course
In the spirit of sharing and generousity that is part of the perfumista culture (which meeting Alyssa reminded me all about - I've been a little out of the swapping loop in the past couple of years). Can there be anything more exciting than finding new smells arriving in the mail? Anything more heartwarming than finding surprise gifts and RAOKs from fellow perfumistas from around the world?

I hope that when you receive your package you will be pleasantly surprised: I'll be sending you samples of vintage Chamade parfum, and some other niche perfumes that are not all that easy to find, and I hope you will enjoy.

And by now you're probably dying to know if you won!
The winners are:

Please email me with your snailmail addy so I can ship your prizes next week!

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At October 27, 2012 8:59 AM, Blogger Melis said...

Congratulations, you two!! Ayala, I must agree, love getting new things to sniff through the mail. I am new to swapping and I literally stalk my mailbox when I know a package is due to arrive, lol!!

At October 28, 2012 5:29 AM, Anonymous Cheryl said...

I missed all the action here (have been away from the blogs for a while), but I enjoyed catching up today. I played along while reading the book and remember being sure one of the scents that was often mentioned (probably #10) was Chergui. Wrong! And I do remember several of the other 10 names coming to mind (in particular Songes, Pamplelune, Cheverfeuille, Jasmin et Cigarette--why *on earth* did they change that perfect name?). I also recall thinking (incorrectly) that l'Eau d'Hadrien was in the mix. This wink to perfumistas was a one of the many aspect of the book that I appreciated. I love a perfume game.:)

At October 28, 2012 12:50 PM, Anonymous HeidiA said...

Thank you Ayala!! I am so excited! Have emailed you my address, and am eagerly anticipating the new treasures. I hope Hurricane Sandy doesn't hold up the mail -- we are on the East Coast, hunkered down with our generator and supplies.


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