Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jalaine's Patchouli

Caramel latte machiato by mspt47
Caramel latte machiato, a photo by mspt47 on Flickr.

The equivalent of caramel machiato of patchouli, Jalaine's take on the subject. Pairing it with a high-calorie dose of sweet notes, Jalaine's Patchouli has smoothed out all the rough edges of patchouli to make it more palatable for the sweet-tooth crowds. The results is a resinous, addictive patchouli with a shot of vanilla syrup, sugary amber and musks to boot, which seems to be an ongoing theme in the Jalaine line.

The texture adds another layer to the experience: the concoction is suspended in an emollient base that gives it the appearance of a highly concentrated luxury item, but I suspect is non other than DGP. It is overall linear, but I'm sure it satisfies the die-hard patchouli-fans who are searching for something more luxurious than an amber glass bottle from the festival bazaar (or headshop, for that matter). They certainly come in a much fancier bottle: cut-crystal with a glass rod dabber.

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