Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chypre Master Class in Los Angeles

These days I'm not blogging much as I get ready for a big trip to California to meet up all my aromatic acquaintances and fragrant friends - and also for two very wonderful courses I'm teaching!

Chypre Master Class at Persephenie's Studio
1-3 June: Chypre Master Class (Intensive Weekend)

20 hours condensed course. Hosted at Persephenie's studio in Los Angeles. Space limited to 4 students.

This course is a condensed version of our week long course about the Chypre fragrance family.
It offers theoretical and practical guidance alongside hands-on lab exercises and experiments.

The Chypre course covers studying the raw materials, learning about the history of the Chypre fragrance family and the sub-categories in this family. Students will be introduced to composition concepts such as perfume structure, and with basic technical skills such as how to blend an alcohol based perfume, how to write a formula. In the practical workshops that take place each afternoon, students will be building accords and creating simple solid perfumes, as well one representative perfume from the Chypre family.

Friday - 6pm-10pm
Introduction, definitions and discovering the Chypre family through its history (including sampling classic and vintage Chypre perfumes).

Saturday & Sunday: 9am-6pm.
Theoretical lectures on olfaction, fragrance evaluation, composition.
Lab-sessions with hands-on experimenting of dilutions, formulas, etc.


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