Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Fragrance Foundation: Spotlight on 30 Indie Brands Entering 2012 “Indie” FiFi® Award

The Fragrance Foundation announced the 30 Indie brands that entered 2012 “Indie” FiFi® Award.

"Independent brands and the people behind them are driving innovation. Surely all the nominees are deserving of accolades," said Frederick Bouchardy, co-founder of Elements Showcase. "We are proud and thrilled to shine the spotlight on them next month."

“Indie” Committee Mission Statement: To support the excellence, talent and artistry of ‘indie’ perfumes, celebrate their individuality and craftsmanship, give a voice to the “indie” brands, address any issues and concerns that are important to the group as a whole.

Read more about the scents and Indie perfume houses entering the “Indie” FiFi® Award 2012.



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