Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roses et Chocolat Tea Blending

My Roses et Chocolat tea blending adventures continue with another pot of tea - or a gaiwan, actually... This time with different proportion of the same elements. It's going to take a lot of fine tuning to get the flavour balanced and full bodied yet have that spicy pizzazz of the Roses et Chocolat perfume.

I'm learning how tea blending is so similar to perfume composition - it's all about proportions and balance. I want the surprising elements (i.e.: the spices) to be present, but not jump at you. I think it's getting there... But might need an additional tea leaf to go with the rose congou.

Looking forward to another pot of tea tomorrow morning!

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At August 28, 2011 7:13 PM, Anonymous Angel Lopes said...

It was so nice to hear you so elegantly express that. I love it, I am coming from the opposite direction. I have been blending teas and making skincare products since I was 16 but in the last few years crossed over to perfumes at the request of my clientele that wanted the straight scent of what they were using. It's so true, it's all about the subtleties with blending, and harmonizing, and bringing that essence out.


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