Monday, August 09, 2010

Sugar, Oil, Salt...

Using pure and simple ingredients for making nourishing and uncompromising bath and body products. To avoid the whole notion of needing to use powerful synthetic preservative and emulsifiers, I've avoided using any water altogether in these products.

Instead, using light-weight yet moisturizing natural oils such as jojoba, virgin coconut, avocado, tea seed, rice bran and shea oils, I've concocted a simple line of body and bath products that I love using and wanted to share with you. Fractionated coconut oil helps to improve these nourishing oil and create an oil base that is fast absorbing and that leaves the skin silky and moisturized for more than a day, yet without clogging pores or feeling greasy at all.

Anointing oils, highly fragrant and act like a perfume for the entire body, leaving it moisturized and nourished but non greasy. I'm really excited about sharing these oils with you, I've been experimenting with a few types of oil bases (mixtures of various nourishing oils, along with the fractionated coconut oil to give it a non-greasy finish that is the natural equivalent of a "dry oil". Not all perfumes are suitable for body products. I chose the ones that incorporate beneficial oils to the skin. My personal favourite so far is Song of Songs, which stays on the skin the longest (24 hours later, when I bathe again, the warm water releases the scent yet again from my pores!). White Potion is more delicate and releases the scent better on the skin than from the bottle. The salycilates in the tuberose tend to get camouflaged in the oil bases and remain dormant. They won't wake up until they hit a warm living skin... The Tamya tropical oil is really fun. I am hoping to package it in a spray bottle rather than a pour-bottle. It really feels like a "dry oil" and the scent is very light and refreshing. Megumi is the newest addition. I created a vetiver base first (there was a gentlemen who kept requesting a vetiver body oil), and I felt it really needed a little extra something, which is the jasmine as in Megumi. The spiciness is due to the addition of ginger and cardamom, which are less irritating to the skin than the allspice in the perfume formula. It's a very warm, woody and sensual scent with a light jasmine tough that makes it feel more perfumey.

Sugar scrubs are my favourite way to exfoliate. A good sugar scrub should be easy to work on the skin and my personal preference is for scrubs that exfoliate as well as moisturize and nourish the skin. It saves that step of applying a moisturizer after bathing, which to me is a huge bonus as it saves time! Most of the sugar scrubs I like are quite messy in the bath tub, which although requires more frequent cleaning of your tub (which is never a bad idea), is a lot of fun in the process. Scrubs that in addition to the sugar have exfoliants such as ground nutshells or coffee beans are among my favourites... the sugar itself dissolves in the water. The ground nuts and shells should be large enough to not stubbornly stick to the surface of the tub.

I made my sugar scrubs with both white and brown sugar, and added exfoliants such as cacao nibs and ground coffee, in a carrier of vegetable glycerin and nourishing oils. after using them you don't need a moisturizer, and the skin is left exfoliated, soft and non greasy.

Bath salts, a pure way to unwind and cleanse the body from toxins. Although these are not by any means new products (I launched them on Mother's day 2009) - I just created a larger size packaging for my bath salts, and will change the collection a bit. The Lavender, Licorice & Vanilla bath salts are a very slow seller so I will likely discontinue them and will replace them with a Vetiver scented bath salts. I found some really neat bath salts that I'm excited to use - Ancient Canadian Sea Salt from Manitoba!

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At August 10, 2010 3:47 PM, Blogger Princess Ellie said...

Everything sound so wonderful. Making sugar scrubs is fun to do, I like to give them as christmas gifts. I am excited to try white potion in a body oil, I bet it smells like heaven in a bottle. Will you list the oils, scrubs and salts on your site soon? ~Angie

At August 11, 2010 12:04 AM, Blogger Ayala Moriel said...

Sugar scrubs are a lot of fun! Kinda like baking, but without the worrying-how-it-would-turn-out-of-the-oven part LOL!
You will love the White Potion body oil. It will be a while before I can put everything online. I need to figure out the pricing, not to mention take photos of everything.

Besides, the small size bottles (15ml) is only a trial size. I want to sell them in a larger bottle and need to find a bottle I like for that purpose. If you want to buy this now, email me.

I have 1 bottle left in stock of the White Potion and Tamya and Megumi (they were selling out in the party!).
Song of Songs is the only one I have many bottles of because I've already made a large batch (because it's the first oil I've made and the one I personally use LOL).

At August 12, 2010 4:46 AM, Anonymous said...

Good day!
Where can I buy this product?

At August 17, 2010 10:22 PM, Blogger Maggie Mahboubian said...

You might need to use a preservative in your oil based bath products, since your customers may put wet fingers in their jars and introduce water which could create mold if not used up quickly. You can't count on your customers not contaminating their unpreserved products. Hope that makes sense!

At August 17, 2010 10:33 PM, Blogger Ayala Moriel said...

I appreciate your comment and concern.
My body care line consultant, a cosmetic chemist by profession, did not think this would be an issue.
Besides, the large size will be sold with a scoop for that purpose, and the packaging instructions will explain how to use the product to avoid mold.


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