Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Passover!

Passover - Shalom, originally uploaded by paurian.

Happy Passover to all of you celebrating!
My holiday is filled with spring cleaning and re-arranging my life for this early spring arrival (I can't remember last time Passover occurred in March, do you?).

I'm most looking forward to a bowl of Matzo ball soup, which is what I'm planning to make for tonight. Last night I was at a community Seder that had none. Which is outrageous in my opinion. This holiday dish is only rivaled by Matzo Brei. The one I make is rather fancy, with the matzo cut in half after it is rinsed in water, wrapped in towels for 10 minutes or so, when it becomes soft and can be rolls like crepe. At this point, I fill it with slices of cheese (Swiss or cheddar and feta), dip it in egg, and pan-fry. The cheese inside melts and it's just heavenly...



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