Friday, December 25, 2009

Have yourself a Gwen Stephanie Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope this season and the upcoming new year brings you joy, peace, happiness and health.
This is a glimpse of my Hanukkah bush/Christmas tree, decorated with perfume bottles (mostly Harajuku Lovers dolls, but also some more classy perfumes contained in orb-shaped bottles like Parfum Sacre, Lovely and Femme).

Here's a wider view:
P.s. Today I received the very first perfume as a Christmas gift: Eau d'Hermes from my boyfriend. It was very sneaky of him and it made me very happy! And it goes without saying: that's what I'm wearing today.



At January 01, 2010 4:20 PM, Anonymous Ajent Orange said...

This is such an adorable idea. It makes me want to put up a Christmas tree next year.


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