Monday, October 19, 2009

Trick or Sniff Halloween Party

Trick or Sniff!

Join us for a spooky tea party on Halloween, October 31st. Enjoy some deadly treats handcrafted by Ayala, such as the infamously addictive Blood Truffles (with chilli and rose) chocolate truffles, lavender-crusted pumpkin pie, licorice cupcakes, tarragon tea sandwiches, our exquisite perfumed teas - and last but not least: Ayala Moriel's perfume line guests are invited to sniff and explore while meeting other passionate perfumistas in Vancouver!

At 2pm there will be a presentation about scents that can bring the dead to life, and the less-known connections between witchcraft and perfumery.

And as if this and and all the treats and good company is not enough reason to come - you will also be getting goodie bags and door prizes, and a lucky draw to win a bottle of Black Licorice perfume!

The spooky menu for this wild tea party will include:

Fennel & Tarragon Tea Sandwiches
Wasabi & Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Ginger & Carrot Tea Sandwiches
Deviled Eggs
Mushroom Mini-Quiches

Coronation Grapes & Blue Cheese Scones
Locally made jams and jellies
Devonshire Cream

Blood Truffles (75% cocoa with rose, chili, saffron and Kahluah)
Pumpkin Tarts with Lavender Shortbread Crust
Licorice Cupcakes
Anise Biscotti
Black Forest Cupcakes

Top quality teas, including:
Roses et Chocolat (Ayala Moriel Parfums)
Chartreuse Eau de Vie - digestif tonic/tisane with tarragon, fennel and flowers (Inner Alchemy Tea Co.)
Little Star - Pu Erh with rare chrysanthemum flowers (Inner Alchemy Tea Co.)
Earl Gray Cream (Herbal Republic)

Costumes are welcome - you can also continue on for trick or treating in the neighborhood afterwards :-)

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P.s. The photo, which looks a bit Hieronymus Bosch like, is from last Halloween: the young woman who lives upstairs wanted to participate in Trick or Treating even though her suit has no access to the street. Being the creative person she is (which shows on her costume) - she used this umbrella to send the treats down to the kids on the street. It was so unique to see and so heartwarming that she went through all this effort sitting on the porch that cold night just to give West End kids a good Halloween experience!

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