Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Package From India Contest Winner

Nutmeg - Conchorde - GRENADA, originally uploaded by markgreat.

Nutmeg - Conchorde - GRENADA, originally uploaded by markgreat.

My sincere apologies for taking FOREVER to finally do the draw for the Package from India spice-ID contest.

The spices were green cardamom (that one was pretty obvious) and... Mace!

Those who guessed rose petals - I don't blame you. It really looks more like a flower than anything (my immediate reaction was - WHY did my brother send me dried baby octopuses?!). Mace is the coral pink shells in which nutmegs are enrobed. They have a unique aroma, not unlike nutmeg, but a little different.

And now you must be curious to know who won the contest? Tamya helped me with the draw and the winner (amongst those of you who posted the correct answer) is:

Sharon Mason

Sharon wins a 5ml perfume roll-on from my line that has either cardamom or mace in it. Here is a list of both:
Perfumes with Mace
Perfumes with Cardamom

Congratulations Sharon!
(Please contact me with your choice and


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