Saturday, March 07, 2009

Smaller is Better, Apparently

Finally the larger fragrance companies are responding to the need for smaller perfume bottles (but larger than minis!). Interesting article in The Globe and Mail titled The incredible shrinking perfume bottle.
Perhaps it's not only perfumistas who have very short love affairs with too many perfumes? Or perhaps the population of perfumistas and perfume collectors is growing more than we can imagine?
For me personally this is good news. It means that I can get to experience more scents for less price and without having too many orphaned perfume bottles of 100ml+ lying around (and taking space!).
And from business point of view - when I switched to smaller bottles it sure seemed to be the right decision. But perhaps I'm wrong - because ever so often I meet a customer who really wishes I had a 100ml bottle of my fragrances to indulge in lavishly without counting the drops.

Do comment with your opinions and ideas, I'd like to hear you!


At March 11, 2009 6:54 AM, Blogger Perfumeshrine said...

Obviously perfume collecting is witnessing a renaissance in recent years and it's all due to the Internet. Lots of access, more niche brands, lots of selection, online discounters > collections getting bigger and bigger. Therefore to keep up with that habit one needs to buy smaller in order to be able to afford it so it makes perfect sense.
Perhaps the bigger bottles are for repeat buyers or for the scents we can't imagine our life without them, those which are filled with memories or special moments more than liking the scent itself.


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