Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mandarin Sandal

Tangerines & Incense, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Mandarin Sandal is another new addition to the One-Of-A-Kind section on my Etsy shop.

Mandarin Sandal was inspired by the scent of sandalwood incense and the appeal of fresh mandarins in mid-winter. It evokes colorful silk prayer banners and whispering saffron robes.

You may remember me mentioning working on Mandarin Sandal on my blog this winter.

Top notes: Clementine CO2, Tangerine Murcott, Red Mandarin, Pomelo Tincture, Citron Tincture
Heart notes: Saffron Attar, Nagramotha, Orange Blossom, Egyptian Jasmine, Turmeric, China Tea Rose
Base notes: Indian Sandalwood, Vanuatu Sandalwood, Australian Sandalwood

Fragrance family: Woody, Citrus

The One-Of-A-Kinds are distinct signature perfumes that will never make it to the Ayala Moriel ready-to-wear collection. The formula will be kept in file exclusively for the one customer who chooses to adopt this unique perfume as their own Signature Perfume.


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