Friday, March 21, 2008

Gaucho - The End of a Journey

Cansando o cavalo, originally uploaded by Eduardo Amorim.

Crisp. Bright. Sweet. Melancholic. Herbaceous. Where Spring meets Autumn and Autumn meets something else... I knew it but I only had to make the grass grow in the right direction now.

The end of my search for those final drops that will make or break my Gaucho schemes was certainly the most challenging part. Too much was at stake now so my adventurous side was a bit timid (a disadvantage?); On the other hand, I was so close I knew what I need is just the minute amount of the right essences, and it would be perfect. Jasmine auriculatum in minuscule amount seemed to be adding the right effect - rounding off like this indespensable floral note yet without smelling like a flower. I wanted more bitterness though. Would wormwood be too much? I think not... Let's just try it and if it doesn't we'll have to start all over again... Yes, just this tiny bit was perfect. Getting very close now... But something IS missing. Something to add to the quirky, unusual side of things. All of a sudden I realize: booze. Yes, booze to let my Gaucho a little loose... The formidable green cognac absolute. In this context not so much as a booze breath, but rather adding a juicy, green-grape quality, chiming like a crystal bell with the galbanum top notes. Perhaps even metallic. All of a sudden it's the brass band in a Steely Dan intro, streaming vocals filtered through studio acoustic effects and all blending together into oneness.

Crisp. Bright. Sweet. Melancholic. Herbaceous. Where Spring meets Autumn and Autumn meets something else... This is where my Gaucho was heading, with herds of cows and spreading wilderness ahead of its horse. It was time to set my Gaucho free, let him loose to meet the world outside of my mind's internal trails and grasslands.

Well, the big day has finally arrived March 21st 2008: it's time for Gaucho to go to his journey on his own. This time to meet new people around the world. For a limited time only, it will be packaged in a different shape of bottle than the rest of my collection - a crystal-clear rectangular bottle rather than the frosted teardrop one. After all, this is my first big release that is decidedly masculine (even though the first two customers who bought it were ladies).

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At March 29, 2008 5:52 PM, Blogger chayaruchama said...

Well, dear lady-
I don't know who the 'other lady' is...
But Gaucho arrived this afternoon, and is a huge success !

A stunningly dry,airy, herbal green chypre with a faint hint of bitterness, it is deliciously
leathery in a very soft, intimate way.

There are skins that may 'pull' a more profoundly animalic line, but on me, Gaucho sings with an unself-conscious ease and sophistication.

It recalls Miss Dior, in its initial !pop! of galbanum and the twang of wormwood, serenaded by an animalic base seasoned with African Stone tincture [ as opposed to civet or castoreum].

The divergence is felt in the heart- with Seville lavender and broom, rosemary, and hay-like notes so gentle and soothing to that part of me that is a real tomboy-
The part that was always up a tree, in a haystack, or sequestering carrots in my overall pockets for the horses.

Men may enjoy this, but not exclusively so !
It's supremely well-mannered, elegant,and evocative.

My extremely discriminating and difficult European SIL swooned over it [ AND the bottle, comparing it to Chanel's], as did my long-suffering DH, who suffers from sensory overload...

My two nearly grown sons found it bewitching as well.

I'm afraid I'll wind up sharing it with Jacob [who adores such scents as Creed Selection Verte and Cypres Musc, Habit Rouge, Terre D'Hermes, Chanel Sycomore, Lonestar Memories, and Eau de Campagne] !

Bravissima, bella figlia !
This is really a coup.


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