Friday, May 25, 2007

Ayala Moriel Reviewed by Savvy Thinker

Visit Savvy Thinker to read Karin's reviews of my perfumes, Finjan and Autumn. You can also read about her experience with the Fragrance Consultation process, and her review of Palas Atena.
Visiting Savvy Thinker, I was delighted to notice that Karin shares my love for jazz and the music of Aziza Mustafa Zadeh!

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At May 26, 2007 8:57 AM, Blogger vid's said...

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At May 26, 2007 9:16 AM, Blogger Karin said...

I've posted more reviews. Thanks for pointing your readers to me!

I'm thinking about asking someone in Germany if they can find any music by Aziza. I researched who she was after seeing her noted on your blog!


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