Thursday, February 08, 2007

Reviews on BitterGrace's Blog

Visit BitterGrace's Blog to read reviews of eight of my perfumes, in two sets:
Ayalitta, Espionave, Palas Atena & Razala
Rainforest, Epice Sauvage, Bois d'Hiver & Autumn

As an aside note, I am always surprised of the "orange" reaction Epice Sauvage gets (not only from BitterGrace - also from other reviewers and customers). There is not a drop of neither citrus nor citrus flowers in the formula. It's not just missing from the website description, it's simply never made it into the juice. My only explanation: the coriander oil. There is something citrusy about it, even though it's a spice. Another possible explanation: many of us learned to associate orange with spices such as cinnamon and cloves because they are so often used together. Nevertheless, I find it very peculiar!

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