Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Chypre Week!

SmellyBlog is proud to announce Chypre Week - a week-full of chypre-scented thoughts, chypre reviews, articles. The first post to open this week is an interesting question I got from a SmellyBlog reader from Nebraska, which you can read below.

Although I can promise you that the whole week will be full of chypre, I cannot promise you that by the end of the week there will be no more chypre related posts. It is very likely that the chypre week will go above and beyond what's planned for it schedule wise. Chypre is my weakness (or is it my strength?).

So sit back, put on your favourite chypre and enjoy this Chypre week and the beginning of Fall... Here in Vancouver Fall seems to not want to come in yet. Still sunny. Not quite cold. But I think it's time to take out the warm and cozy Chypres anyways and start talking about them!

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At October 11, 2006 1:35 PM, Anonymous Lienna said...

Hallo, dear Ayala ! I am from Toronto and Iwill be with you this week! I've started with Ubar yesterday? the weather was surprisingly sunny and warmhere also, and today it is gloomy and rainy, so it is Jil Sander 3, wich is perfect "wet" chypre fragrance for me.

At October 11, 2006 1:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ayala,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog and what a wonderful job you're doing promoting Autism Awareness Month. I usually just lurk and enjoy reading your very descriptive and lyrical observations on all things "perfume". But now I see that we share more than an interest perfume. I also have a child with autism - my little boy is 6 years old and doing very well. He's considered fairly high functioning (well, at least this week he is!), despite still being mostly non-verbal. Oddly enough - my son's greatest sensitivity sensory-wise is to "smells". He's constantly smelling everything - even when he touches something (or someone) he'll immediately smell his hand, or the person. The "world according to smell" is how I like to see it. I'm always amazed by how our little ones are so incredibly sensitive and see the world from such a different perspective. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello from a fellow perfume junkie and "sister in autism".

At October 15, 2006 2:48 PM, Blogger Ayala Sender said...

Hi Lienna,

I love Toronto! Been there exactly a year ago, last fall, and had great time (it was for work but it was lots of fun). Today is the first rainy day in a long long time (and Vancouver is famous for it's rain, what's going on here?). Must try Jil Sander #3 one of these wet days!

At October 15, 2006 2:52 PM, Blogger Ayala Sender said...

Dear Fellow Autism-Mom!
Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your comment!
My daughter was high functioning and non-verbal at the age of 6 too; she didn't start talking till she was 8 (the entire story will be told here more close to her birthday), so I think your son will be just fine!

It's fascinating that he is into smell. Do you let him smell your perfumes? I love going fragrance shopping with Tamya, though she is still learning how to smell (as opposed to blow out air from her nostrils!).

Hope you are getting all the help and support you and your son needs!

Will be happy to hear more stories about you and your son - you can email me privately of course!


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