Thursday, October 01, 2020

Khulnejan Soap on Its Way

Coming up soon from the drying rack: Khulnejan soap. Khulnejan is Arabic for galangal, the main 
ingredient in the brew that inspired this soap: Meghli tea, AKA the Druze answer to Pumpkin Spice Latte. Those of you who attended my many fall and winter events on Haro Street probably know it as "Witch's Brew". This spicy tea is made by simmering dried galangal root of a very particular kind that is both very hot and musky, with added dried ginger root. Optional is also the addition of cinnamon and cloves, which I opt for as a sweetener rather than packing it with sugar as is customary to do, as well as sprinkled nuts on top. Anyway, the soap has a teeny bit of honey as a sweetener as well... Actually more for improving lather during the bathing experience, and conditioning to the skin. The soap will be ready just in time for Halloween, as well as all the winter festivities to follow.

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