Saturday, August 11, 2018

Last Call: Fall 2018 Perfumery Courses

Fall 2018 Perfumery Courses are fast approaching!
Sign up this weekend to Fall 2018 Perfumery Courses & Save!
We have some spaces remaining in the Chypre course (November 4-8), and have added another beginner-intermediate level course the following week, November 11-15. Registration closes 3 months prior to courses start date, so now is the time to secure your spot!Also there is a new book sale!Save 10% (more than $230) and join our fabulous Chype and Floriental courses offered this November, and $468 if you sign up for BOTH by August 12th - this will give you 10% off your tuition fee. To qualify, purchase both courses online using the code YHAMHKTB0AVG. I'm thrilled to offer new workshops and courses again this fall at my beautiful new studio in Clil, an eco-village located in the scenic Western Galilee (Northern Israel): Chypre (Nov 4-8) and/or Florientals (Nov 11-15) for an unforgettable experience and lasting knowledge!I feel particularly blessed in this new space, and fortunate to be able to continue teaching and making your learning process even more meaningful and memorable. My teaching approach incorporates all the senses, and provides you with inspiration from the unique point of view that was not possible in my previous establishment in the Pacific Northwest.Our new and improved Ayala Moriel's School of Perfumery & Aromatic Arts is located in a wonderful region full of creative artisans and I've already collaborated with a few - some of which have been featured guests at the perfume courses and workshops I've held, such as artisan distiller, bio-dynamic vintner, leather craftsman and a tobacco shack. The Middle East is one of the most exciting places for perfumery from both botanical, cultural and historic points of view. Additionally, I've built here a state-of-the-art studio space that is dedicated to the art of perfumery, and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 students and can function as a perfume school from hours-long workshops to full-week courses.The unique program I've built showcases a marvellous perfume collection of natural, niche and vintage fragrances that every perfumer should know about; hundreds of raw materials - and most special of all: being surrounded by many living plants that are actually used in perfumery - both as raw materials and as livinig and breathing references. Some of these plants grow wild, and others I've planted in what is slowly becoming a unique botanical garden of perfume plants. REGISTEATION Registration for both Fall courses ends August 12th. Because most of my students travel from far away to participate in this unique program, it is very important to sign up no less than 3 months prior to the course (even if you live closely in Israel). This ensures that the course you're interested will actually run and have a spot for you. So please secure your spot now!You can also reserve your spot via email and paying the registration fee, which is non-refundable ($500), and making payment arrangements (up to 3 payments) for the remaining balance; or you can pay in full now and receive 10% off if you register for BOTH courses. This will save you up to $468.As always, I'm happy to help make my students' stay in my "neighbourhood" as memorable, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Because our new settings are so special and a little off-the-beaten track, I've teamed up with local businesses to offer you delicious lunches (complementary with your tuition), and have connections here that will help you find affordable and suitable accommodations within the village limits and the best services for all your needs (I've also prepared a special guide for you, which each student will receive upon registering to help you plan your trip). We'll also include some exciting fragrant field trips and feature workshop in each of the courses - experiences, smells and locations that were not possible in the previous settings and surroundings. COURSE/PRODUCT REVIEWS:Whether if you studied with me in person recently or long ago, have taken the correspondence courses, read my book - I would really appreciate you taking a moment to add a review and/or feedback of my program so that future students can also benefit from it! Adding your review is simple and easy, and would help me a great deal in continuing this program and getting more students interested and engaged. Simply click on the relevant course listed on my Perfume School Courses page, and click on the "write a review" button near the customers reviews at the bottom of the page. Looking forward to seeing you at my studio this coming fall!


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