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Fabulously Fragrant Travel Guide: Tips for Successful Packing

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine

Summer may mean many different things to different people depending on their past memories, background, and country of origin. It can mean longer days to spend with loved ones, sunny days spent by the water’s edge, and rosewater lemonade on the front porch. Or it can mean that there is finally time within your busy schedule (hopefully busy with a balanced mix of work and play) to travel and explore the world. 
Whether you are planning to fall in love on the Seine River in France, want to swim in Bulgaria’s salty Black Sea, or dream of immersing yourself within the untamed wildlife of an African rainforest; travel nourishes, educates, and frees the heart and soul. It is forever inspiring various art forms, including fragrance.

With this concept in mind we have created a travel guide with tips on how to pack for your trip in a way that ensures you will be prepared, will be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest, and will be able to leave a lasting (and fragrant) impression on the people you meet as they leave a lasting impression on you. Included in this guide are products that are ideal for travelling far and wide, hand-picked for all you world wanderers. After all, summer is the season to travel, whether by plane or perfume.

Many people say that it is not the destination that is the best part of travelling; it is the journey that is the most pleasurable. It is not what you go to see but what you didn’t expect to see and find that remains forever in your heart and mind. This may be true, depending on where you are going (Disneyland versus Estonia: the journey is incredibly different) but one thing that is true regardless of your destination, the pre-journey is always tedious, dull, and more often than not, frustrating as can be. 

Retaking that photo for your expired passport, vaccinating yourself against the elements, sorting things out at the office and packing up for the trip are all important but irritating aspects of travel. When it comes to bagging your journey necessities, the lighter you pack, the less frustration you are going to have pre-vacation. It is just crucial that you pack smartly and appropriately for your journey. With that in mind, here are five rules for packing, to ensure that you are as headache free as possible and that you are able to get as much as you possibly can out of your trip.

Just in case - pack up some essential grooming supplies with you on the plane. You never know- you might get stranded en route to your final destination or need to freshen up before landing. Our body oils, available in 6 unique scents, including the new Zohar Anointing Body oil - are all natural. Their non-greasy formulations will keep your skin smooth and hydrated. And for that frizzy hair from hours of dry airplane air, Orcas Beard Oil can be also used to condition your locks.

Soapy Strategy: Why Bars Are Better Than Bottles
Only bring the toiletries that you need from home that you cannot buy at your destination. The majority of the times, hotels have shampoo and conditioner. It is simply a waste of your precious bag space and time to bring bottled shampoo to the airport. Watching as my bottled hair products were tossed by security and having shampoo leak throughout the inside of my bag are only a couple of the headaches that I have experienced when packing bottled cleansers for travel. For those who aren’t going to be staying in a hotel and who need their own cleansing products – bar cleansers pack well and can last for weeks and weeks. They are versatile, easy to pack and will not offend airport security.

Film Noir Soap Bar will not only scent your skin, but will also keep moths away from your suitcase thanks to dark patchouli. Vetiver Racinettes Soap Bar is refreshing with notes of ginger and pepper. To top it off, both double as shampoo bars! Spoken with the experience of two curly-haired women.

Minimize your Travel Wardrobe: Why Less is Actually More (no really)

You will not wear everything you pack, regardless of what you bring. Even if you strategize every ensemble right down to your knickers, you have varying moods and you are going somewhere new. You will not know what you will really want to wear until you are there, immersed in the culture and weather of your destination. Most people who travel find themselves wearing the same couple of outfits over and over again because they are comfortable and effortless. A way to ensure that you are packing lightly but effectively is to bring six to ten comfortable pieces that can mix and match together, and then express your creativity through jewellery (small and discreet to pack).  Clothes are your canvas and jewellery is your palette. 

Red Jasper Mexican Poison Ring and the Aztec Triple Jade Poison Ring will upgrade your travel attire and are instant conversation pieces: each ring has a secret compartment that opens to reveal a solid perfume within.
Near or Far – Take A Little Bit of Home Wherever You Are
Experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of a foreign country is enriching and exciting. Nonetheless, travelling to a different country can be like visiting a different world. Customs are completely different and food, drink, and accommodations are often completely unrecognizable in relation to home. No matter how incredible a place is, it is natural and expected for one to experience homesickness while away. To combat this it is a good idea to keep a couple of compact comforts from home stashed in your purse at all times.

Vetiver Racinettes Travel Candle is our newest, cutting edge candle with clean notes of kaffir lime leaf and cooling woody vetiver and fresh ginger roots. You may also choose from our other refreshing summery scents: Bon Zai Travel Candle, with notes of shiso and juniper; and ArbitRary Travel Candle, with lime, basil and jasmine floral wax.

Portable Perfumes: They Just Make Scents

For those who can’t live without their favorite scent (join the club), travel sized roll-ons or compact solid perfumes are your best bets for several reasons. One, larger fragrance bottles are more apt to break/leak in your suitcase. With solids or itty-bitty roll-ons there is no need to carefully pack up any fragile bottles; simply toss in your purse or carry on and go.  

Two, it is highly unlikely that anyone would even be able to make it through a 30-50 ml bottle of perfume while on vacation anyways, so it is simply a waste of suitcase space. Three, they are often thrown out by security when people forget to take them out of their purse or carry-on. 

For those who doubt that this happens, ask my aunt Jackie who has had an entire bottle of Chanel No 5 confiscated and tossed out while going through security at the airport(and that stuff does not come cheap!).  One extra benefit to wearing roll-on or solid perfume is that the potential to over-do your favorite scent is significantly decreased as it is delicately dabbed only on your pulse points.

Parfum-Oil Travel Sized Roll-On now also available in Orcas (to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of this 2012 Indie FiFi Awards nominee) and Purse Parfum for the most precious and exotic offerings such as Treazon, Gigi and Kinmokusei. You may also want to mix & match to create your own Bon Voyage Roll-on Trio, and take advantage of our 15% off!

Leave a Lasting Impression

Just as you are enriched by experiencing the nuances of another culture, the people native to your destination are most likely interested to know about where you come from and friends in foreign places are always beneficial. Packing a small amount of stationary and gender neutral gifts will allow you to leave a positive and lasting impression on the people that you meet while on your journey.
Hanami Sachets are hand-sewn from vintage kimono fabric and are filled with a proprietary blend of precious dried botanicals. Used to scent linens, lingerie and stationary, they make a perfect token for your hosts.

Wishing you a wonderful summer, and safe travels!

Ayala & Alicia

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At July 03, 2013 7:58 AM, Blogger Anita said...

During the days when I lived in Key West and went traveling in Europe during the summer, I took a few products from the Keys as hostess gifts: real sponges from a local market; perfumes from Key West Aloe, a small local cosmetics company. They were appreciated, and many people asked me to keep them supplied, especially with Key West Aloe products after I returned home.

At July 09, 2013 4:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

That's such a unique gift, really a little piece of Key West that you were giving them. It's something that they will always remember (I still hold onto my little sachet of sage that I was given in Ontario when I was visiting a native reserve). It's nice to be able to share a bit of home while you are taking in someone else's culture. I love it! :)

At July 22, 2013 4:05 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

In summer people more like to go for travelling with family or friends. After read this article I get lots of tips for successful packing. You have done nice job.

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