Monday, September 24, 2012

Monkey Monday: Sweet Dreams...

As our patchouli theme is coming to a close, and my trip back from LA has drained about every ounce of energy from me today - and we're amidst the high holidays season - there is no Monkey Monday giveaway today. I'm simply too tired to check what's in my stash of perfumes to give away and put together a more sensible post... So, I'm so very sorry, and promise to return next Monday with another giveaway and contest/discussion theme.

For now, I'd love to hear from those among my readers who have visited the Los Angeles Artisan Fragrance Salon about any feedback, favourites from the show, and so on. The highlight of the day for me, as usual, was reuniting with my perfumer friends, making new connections in the industry - and last but not least: meeting face to face with unusual people such as yourself, who truly appreciate the olfactory arts.

Sweet dreams!


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