Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pics from Perfume Workshop June 6th

Yosh & Ayala sniffing away
Yosh & Ayala, sniffing away through the improvised perfumer's organ

Alex & Ayala
Alex & Ayala

I had a wonderful time teaching an evening class of perfume making at Alex Sandor Art Studio. Yosh of Yosh Olfactory Sense co-hosted and assisted me and everyone created beautiful perfumes to call their own!

Here are some pics, and also a quick shout out for all of you who were not able to make it: we will be hosting another one in July, around the date of the Artisan Fragrance Salon (exact date & time TBA). If interested, please contact me via email: ayala (at)

Perfume Making Class in San Francisco
Students - and Yosh - hard at work

Alex & Amanda Hard at Work
Alex & Amanda making decisions!

The Results!
Custom perfumes created that evening - some yet to be named... And Alex still writing on his "Spring Biblical Man" label!

Yosh & Alex's creations
Alex & Yosh's perfumes

Tincturing Lemon Blossoms
Alex' mad scientist apothecary (lemon blossom tincture)

Lab Cookies
Cookies from the Baker & Banker served in labware, just for fun ;-)

Yosh & Ayala sniffing away...

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