Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Candle Day

Handmade containers for Bon Zai and Orcas candles

Bon Zai candles in the making
Today, I had a very special guest at the studio - Nikki from Gabriel's Aunt, who drove up for a candle-pouring session.

We made 4 scents - 2 are for now (Orcas, Bon Zai) and 2 will be only revealed in the fall.
Orcas is a limited edition candle, and is available only in the 8oz ceramic vessels handcrafted by Grace Lee of eikcam. They are hand painted with a blue glazed heart and are absolutely adorable!

Bon Zai is also available in 8oz with its own ceramic design of shiso leaf imprint. We also poured it in the travel tin size.

Bon Zai travel tins in the making

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