Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perfume Making Bridal Stagette


"Who is this coming up from the desert like a column of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and incense made from all the spices of the merchant?"
(Song of Solomon, 3:6)

This Saturday, Natalie will be walking down the isle wafting a sexy-gourmand perfume that she concocted herself with her cousins and close friends at my studio. Although she will not be smelling like myrrh and incense, spices were definitely among her choices.

The perfume making bridal stagette was a total surprise for Natalie, organized for her by close family and friends as the first part of a day that embraced all the 5 senses. The ladies gathered at noon at Ayala Moriel Parfums studio, nibbled on snacks, fruit, homemade lemonade and local white wine, while exploring the interesting connection between perfume and personalities, and learning about how perfume is constructed - from top, heart and base notes.

They then began exploring the different notes from a carefully curated organ of about 100 natural botanical essences. Each lady picked one top, one heart and one middle note and began playing with scent-strips to see how they might smell if blended together, and to this focal point of three favourite note, each one added more notes until they were all happy with their personal perfume.

Bridal Stagette Perfume Making Party
Interestingly, even though there were 5 ladies attending, only 3 perfumes were created:
Joanna's perfume was a fresh, vivacious melange of basil, jasmine and citrus.
Laura's perfume was with mimosa, sambac jasmine, cacao and rosemary absolute.
Natalie, Heather and Amy all loved the gourmand notes, and decided to concoct their perfume together and a team! And so they will be sharing Natalie's very special wedding-day perfume!
And what would that smell like, you may ask? Sweet cinnamon bark and nutmeg absolute, over a base of cacao and tonka bean - deliciously reminiscent of custard and seductive desserts. This is going to be a very sweet start for this young couple!

Bridal Stagette Perfume Making Party

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