Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer :)

SUMMER :) by gege.gatt
SUMMER :), a photo by gege.gatt on Flickr.

June 21st, and temperatures in Vancouver have finally reached 21c, which is room temperature in most parts of the world, but here it marks the practically a heat wave in our standards...
And it's about time! We had a long, tormenting spring that refused to warm up to the idea of summer. Hopefully the tables have turned now and rain will be kept at bay for at least a few days. Just re-reading myself rambling about the weather so much is already not a good sign. It can't be possibly all that interesting of a topic; but with the recent destructive events downtown (read: 3 blocks away from the place I call home, which also happens to be my studio), and with the school vacation going on for over a week now, having a good weather seem more important than ever...

I'm excited about summer - it's the time of the year when I can be more productive than ever, getting ready for the busy season ahead (fall & winter 2011/2012) while also relaxing (a lot) by the beach! If only all year around could be that balanced... I'm already beginning designing new products, about which I will tell you when I get a little more time. The days just fly by trying to keep my daughter happy and the ongoing business affairs rolling more or less smoothly. But I will keep you posted about various things I've been concocting in the wee hours of the night, including a new scented body oil, and, of course - Smiling Country, which I was happily wearing all day today (and will be telling you about all the surprising notes in it after June 24th).



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