Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Spice It Up" Valentine's Tea Party February 13th 2011

Perfume sniffing!
Beautiful ladies engaged in the sensory world of perfumery.

5-tiered tea try :-)
The infamous 5-tiered tea tray with all the goodies!

The whole spread...

The menu:
Tier 1: Sandwiches & Savouries
Cucumber + Mint Tea Sandwiches
Tomato + Basil Tea Sandwiches
Carrot + Ginger Tea Sandwiches
Curried Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches

Tier 2: Scones + Cream
Rosemary + Lavender Scones
Cheddar + Cayanne Scones
Served with Devonshire Cream and with Fig + Walnut Jam

Tier 3: Desserts and Petitfours
Banana Fudge Brownies
Geranium + Fleur de Sel Shortbread
Rose + Almond Sables
Date + Coconut Rolls
White Potion Truffles

Tea Selection:
Moroccan Mint Tea, served with Orange Flower Water
French Earl Gray (Shaktea)
Roses et Chocolat HOT chocolate, served with CocoaNymph's very own saffron marshmallows!

Perfume sniffing party!
Perfume sniffing party!

Hot Rose et Chocolat topped with Saffron Marshmallows by CocoaNymph
Roses et Chocolat hot drinking chocolate, topped with saffron marshmallows!
Rachel of CocoaNymph have created them especially for my tea party. I used her drinking chocolate (dark Belgian chocolate, melted into half-and-half...), and infused it with rosewater and a dash of hot chili pepper. The most seductive hot chocolate I've ever experienced...!

Heart Cup
Hearty tea cup with a heart tea strainer.

Layering the tea try with hand-cut heart doillies.

Door Prizes

Little door prizes, including raffle tickets, miniature Roses et Chocolat bars and a fragrant tea bag (Earl Gray Cream).

Nao and Jessica reading the fanbooks and picking favourite scents.

White Potion + Guilt Truffles
White Potion truffles (white chocolate + tuberose + coconut), and Guilt truffles (dark chocolate + orange flower + wild orange).

The hostess...

The tea party on Sunday, February 13th was a great success. And it was all thanks to my awesome friends - Jolanta Va (who took most of the pics for the party, and helped to host it), Monique Trottier (who helped me to make all the sandwiches, decorate, host the party and help the guests pick perfumes) and Rachel Sawatzky (with her amazing chocolates and marshmallows!) that I was able to pull it off, once again... These parties are a lot of fun to initiate, but a huge production that is quite devastating to undertake on my own. I'm so thrilled, thankful and happy to have such wonderful friends and wonderful customers who support me in Vancouver. I can certainly feel the love and hope you do too!

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