Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taste & Sip Magazine Reviews Our Chocolate Bars

I just got back from a long and chocolate-laden weekend at Portobello West (the chocolate bars were a hit and I hardly sold anything else but chocolates and truffles...), only to find even more chocolate attention in my mailbox:

Richard Wolak of Taste & Sip Magazine reviewed our three scented chocolate bars, and he clearly favours Guilt, which I'm not surprised - it is such a palate-pleaser and even non-perfume lovers fell for it. Espionage and Roses et Chocolat also fly off the shelves equally as fast, but seem to appeal to completely different people.

And in a gesture to Ca Fleur Bon's coverage of these very same bars in their Cyber Monday Gift Guide (and partially because I'm too tired to stay up till midnight and take the sale off), the 3 for 2 special is extended till Monday night, at 9pm.

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