Friday, November 12, 2010

Guilt, Revamped

Orange And Chocolate, originally uploaded by ‚ô•babybee.

Today I blended a 2nd batch of my revamped Guilt perfume. It really needed more orange in it, to make it sparkle and less powdery. I hope the new version will be more warmly received, as it matches perfectly the new chocolate bar that was inspired by the truffles that were inspired by the perfume that was inspired by all guilty pleasures of chocolate and orange indulgence...

The idea of revamping came not only from the chocolate, but also from the sugar scrubs, which temporarily colour the skin with rich red-brown hues (very temporarily: it easily washes off :-). This yummilicious sugar scrub is packed with sweet orange zest and juice essences, which make you practically want to lick your arms during and after bathing with it. Pure indulgence.

To the original formula of Guilt, which has cacao absolute in abundance, gourmand amber with dark cassia and honey undertones, orange blossom, a hint of jasmine and rose - and now also very generous amounts of blood orange (there was only minuscule amounts before), orange juice essence, blood orange and bitter orange. It bursts with pleasure and happiness, just as the chocolate bar's citrus nuances burst in your mouth and leave a trail of lighthearted joy behind.

So welcome new Guilt, which will be exclusively offered at the CocoaNymph boutique beginning Tuesday, November 16th - after our official launch of our scented chocolate bar trio! You can come by this weekend to try them out as the testers are already on display and the stock will be arriving at the store very, very soon!

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At November 18, 2010 10:52 PM, Anonymous Buy Discounted Perfumes said...

I like how perfumer was able to compose the project with tons of humour. Sugar scrubs combined with orange zests is a really good compound in making scents. Good luck on the official launch and I hope consumers will be able to buy discounted perfumes online soon!


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