Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blunda Perfume Exhibition No. 5: YOSH Olfactory Scents

Yosh Han, from YOSH olfactory scents is the guest perfumer at Blunda today, in part 5 of Blunda's Natural Botanical Perfume Exhibitions.

Yosh will be creating two conceptual perfume art installations specifically for this event, as well as showcasing her lovely limited edition Winter Rose, a gentle rosy spicy perfume inspired by her travels through Turkey. Yosh will generously offer aura readings with the purchase of Winter Rose.

Come meet the perfumer, savor delicious treats, and smell the surprises that Yosh has for you.


Blunda Aromatics 304 So. Edinburgh Ave, Los Angeles CA 90048

To RSVP: Call (323) 658-7507 or email

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At July 27, 2009 1:17 PM, Blogger Robin @ said...

I loove all natural perfumes!! Most perfumes are actually scented with phthalates, a dangerous chemical that can mimic our own hormones! I usually use perfume oils and try to stay away from commercial perfumes. In fact, now my nose is extremely sensitive to normal perfumes.

At August 03, 2009 2:22 AM, Blogger Perfume Junkie said...

What fun! The more decadent men’s women’s fragrance are very cute..

Hope your vacation is relaxing and wonderful


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