Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blunda's Natural Botanical Perfume Exhibitions #4 - Artemisia Natural Perfumes

My dear friend and colleague Lisa Fong of Artemisia Perfumes is today at Blunda for part 4 of the Natural Botanical Perfume Exhibition - Part 4. It's unfortunate I was unable to post this earlier (the event is due to close in 30 minutes), but it is my hope this will at least inspire you to go to Blunda and experience her line, which will be available in its entirety at Blunda following the exhibition today.

Lisa Fong's perfumes are well-composed, her ideas are original and harmonious and they bloom beautifully on the skin. My personal favourite is Saffron, which is no longer available on her website; but Voile, Yuzu Citrus and the rest of the collection are definitely worth smelling and wearing.

Here's Persephenie's personal invitation to the event:
Lisa Fong of Artemisia Perfumes will be gracing the Blunda Aromatics studio this
weekend for The Natural Botanical Perfumery Exhibition #4

I am a HUGE fan of Artemisia Perfumes. They are well defined in character, beautiful, and incredible on the skin.

Come enjoy hand made chocolates (perfumer Ayala Moriel's delicious recipes), refreshing tea, and a beautiful floral perfume sculpture that Lisa crafted specifically for this event.


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