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Arpège is a perfect name for this lovely and luscious and ever so classic fruity-aldehydic-floral from Lanvin. It opens with an arpege of lovely accords that are soft and sweet, as if played on a harp:
Vetiver-Ylang Ylang- Orange---
And there is some bitter sweetness that strikes you a first, almost like tonka bean – or perhaps it is the tuberose, only that it is quite subtle and adds warmth like round ripples on the water.

Once the swirling arpeggio is quieted down, it settles on a magnificent rose theme – the rose is at the centre, and all the other flowers are just dancing around it like little fairies, and there is a fresh and uplifting citrus top note - What a delight!

Arpège is classy, a bit old-fashioned (in the good way as we all know) and so sweet and delicate. The aldehydes for sure add sophistication, but at heart it is a pure, loving floral with an eternal rosy glory.

Once settled on the skin, the dry down reveals an embracing, warm sandalwood-vetiver accord that is slightly sweetened by vanilla.

p.s. Just a little side note: For a long time I was convinced that if there is any aldehydic floral I should wear, it should definitely be Arpège and NOT No. 5. It was just so warm, and without the very heavy civette base that makes No. 5 smell so womanly. Arpege is a lot more young at heart. I never bought Arpège after all, I ended up with the No. 5 Parfum which I love – it is definitely not as innocent as Arpège is though. I love that woody drydown of Arpège. It’s pure and simple.

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At November 08, 2007 2:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh, this is my mother's signature scent. I simply adore it because of all its positive associations.ju

At November 09, 2007 4:51 AM, Blogger Divina said...

I positively loooove this one. For me, the rose does not "pop-out" as much however, it is more about the jasmine. Still, it is so well blended and seamless. Mmmm, so good! Wearing it makes me feel really positive, like everything is going to be alright.


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