Monday, June 11, 2007

Interview on

I had to honour to be interviewed for, an online perfume magazine and perfume community in Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian. PunMiris means "Full Scent" in English.
If you are fortunate enough to know these languages, click here for the interview. If you can't understand, email me and I'll send you the translation.

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At June 13, 2007 1:08 PM, Blogger helg said...

If it's not too much trouble, I'd be interested in getting the translation dear.
Congrats on what seems to be another great moment for you!

At June 13, 2007 10:13 PM, Blogger Ayala Moriel said...

Hi Helg,
I got permission from PunMiris to post the English version of my interview here, so I will post it in a minute as a comment for this post...
Thanks for your enthusiastic reading!

At June 13, 2007 10:17 PM, Blogger Ayala Moriel said...

1. PunMiris (Dora Vagiana): What is your earliest fragrant memory?
Ayala Sender: The first time I smelled snow, and the scent of tangerine orange peels in a Hammam (a Turkish-style bathing house). Both memories are from Jerusalem, before my family moved to the countryside.

2. PM (DV): What are your favorite smells and which ones do you dislike?

AS: I grew up in the countryside, and so most of my scent memories are scents of nature and aromatic plants: the first rain after it clenches the thirst of the dry sun-baked earth, the scents of goats herding on the mountain herbs, carob blossoms, fresh guavas from the tree, and many more (too many to count, really)… Some of my favourite scents which I grew up with translate into building blocks (AKA raw materials) which I particularly enjoy working with, such as lemon verbena, labdanum resin, costus root, hay absolute, oakmoss, rose, jasmine, narcissus, orange blossoms. As a perfumer, I can’t say I have “least favourite smells” because each of the notes has a purpose and can be utilized in a beautiful way in the right proportions in the appropriate context.

3. PM (DV): Do you believe that every woman/man should have a signature perfume?(note: here you can talk about your bespoke/signature perfume Service).

AS: I can’t say I believe everyone should have a personal scent. Of course, some people don’t like to wear perfume at all, and others are perfectly happy wearing a perfume that is widely available for others. What I do believe is that every person should have the opportunity to do so if they wish to express themselves through fragrance. I try to offer this with my line by providing a wide range of original perfumes that are all handcrafted from natural essences, and I provide personal fragrance consultations to help each individual pick the scents that best match their personality and fragrance needs. And for those who want to be part of the perfume creation, and develop an exclusive perfume, I offer a bespoke service. I design signature perfumes and involve the client with every step of the process, from developing the olfactory vision and name for their fragrance to picking the specific raw materials.

4. PM (DV) What power do perfumes have on people, in what way can they influence them?

AS: First and foremost, perfume brings pleasure, and as such I feel it is a very positive influence. They can make us feel more in touch with ourselves and comfortable and in-tune with our emotions.

Perfumes are very strongly connected with mood and feelings. Sometimes it can be quite challenging to separate the two, because we have developed strong conditioning of fragrance and emotions. Familiar aromas connect us to our past, while new, unfamiliar scents connect us to the future as they expand our olfactory repertoire and new associations are created.

5. PM (DV) Where did you find inspiration for creating your new perfumes, Roses et Chocolat and Coralle?

AS: Roses et Chocolat was created as a limited edition for Valentine’s Day. The concept was to combine two romantic symbols in a parfum flacon: decadent chocolates and a bouquet of red roses. These two materials don’t work easily together and it was a matter of finding the exact proportions and which other notes will bind them together to make them smell like one unique whole. I added an amber accord (made of various resins which I compounded myself) and spices such as pink pepper and nutmeg, that are considered aphrodisiacs.

Coralle was in the making for quite a while. The original idea was to create a rich floral perfume while using the most readily available raw materials, while focusing on ylang ylang. I wanted to create a feeling of an exotic tropical paradise, a perfume that is hot and luscious, like the warmth and brightness and clarity of colours of corals in the tropical sun. I used mostly notes that come from tropical islands – Ylang Ylang from Comores, geranium from Bourbon, vanilla from Madagascar and vetiver from Haiti. The theme is really the Ylang Ylang (Coralle is a ylang ylang soliflore). To make the Ylang Ylang really shine and be interesting I chose to use a few different distillations – both the Ylang Ylang essential oils, the absolute and the concrete. The result is creamy and fruity and luxurious, even though ylang ylang is one of the most affordable of all floral essences. I think it really important to treat the less expensive materials with just as much respect as the most costly ones. They all have their importance and if treated properly they can shine and surprise and throw a stunning performance.


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