Thursday, February 01, 2007

Carnelian Perfumed Pendant

The vivid and rich tones of this ornage-red Carnealian Perfumed Pendant are stunning. The stone is tear drop shaped and with facets. Carnelian is considered the Stone of Action and has a fiery, vibrant energy.

Likewise, we recommend it carries a perfume of a similar merit: Palas Atena, Finjan, Razla, Epice Sauvage, Autumn and Schizm are a few scents that I immediately thought about when I saw this gorgeous pendant emerging to my studio...

But you should know the best what would work for you - and if you love this stone, you are sure to have a coloruful wardrobe to go with it - and love a scent that would complement that passion and warmth it radiates!

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