Sunday, March 05, 2006

Welcoming Spring with a Grin

"After three years in this northern city
I experienced a deficit in sunlight
The chlorophyl in my green eyes has diminished
Making room for more whitenesss
And my pupils are growing, more eager to find the truth

After three years in this rain soaked town
My lungs, like dead logs in the rainforest
Are underlined with moss and undergrowth
I’d rather it be a waterlily, and die
A heroic death
Nurtured by a true love rather than
Sacrifice my voice to the wind of the snowdrops"

(March 1st, 2003)

I was born in the spring, and spring has always been my favourite season. In my home country, spring is gently warm, and blessed with millions of fragrant flowers in all shades of colours. I have missed spring ever since I have moved to the rainy West Coast city of Vancouver. The frequent rain washes off, along with dirt and pollution, the fragrance of anything that has the potential of being fragrant in other places. Even out in the nature, the bloom is not abundant in the spring as it is in desert lands... If there are any flowers they will appear later in the summer and will have little colour and scent that pales in comparison to the desert-flowers show-off parade of colours and scents. One needs to climb all the way up to the peaks of the mountains to observe the Alpine meadows... And so after a while I have learned to accept that there are different types of spring. The spring here is crisp and brisk, even (or more so) on sunny days. And although the cherry blossoms are now in full bloom, I still experience the spring here as a green spring, rather than pink or yellow as the cherry blossoms or daffodil flowers. And so, about three years ago, I have decided to create a scent dedicated to a cool, green spring - reminiscent of the first shoots of grass awakening and sprouting out of the earth and the mossy undergrowth of the forest, decorated only by hints of flowers that conform to this green concept and do not overload the scene with indolic exhibitionism.

As the spring approaches, it is time to announce some of my new fragrances for the spring. The new version of Grin is green as the one from the previous two years. This time it is less herbal, more floral yet much greener than ever. Grin opens with the sappy, crisp greenness of galbanum, leading to a cool-cucumber, green violet leaf note, spicy-green fresh-cut freesia notes of boronia from Tasmania , softened by jasmine and rose to create a full bodied floral bouquet. Underlined by oakmoss, green vetiver note and woody-musty oud oil that brings to mind a mossy undergrowth of the soil awakening at springtime.
Grin is available as pure parfum, in both alcohol and jojoba oil base.
This new Spring limited edition of Grin will be officially released on March 21st. Samples can be pre-ordered prior to that via email -

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