Monday, January 29, 2007

No. 19: A Review in Three Acts

One of the things that I noticed when summarizing 2006, was that I can change my opinion and perception about a fragrance over time. I learned that I should keep an open mind and never give up completely on a perfume. It might hold a surprise for me in the future.

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At January 29, 2007 5:41 PM, Blogger helg said...

Hi Ayala!

I very much enjoyed your musings on one of my favourite perfumes. It's funy how we change perceptions and grow to love things that did not manage to entrap us at the beginning.

Myself I find the coolness, iris-rich ambience of the EDT much more to my liking, but had never thought of roses being prominent being a reason for me not liking the EDP. Thanks for making me think about it and willing to go re-sniff and pinpoint them in there!

Like you, I have come across two different versions of the latter and wonder which one came first and which one was the one that I did not like and found sour.
It would be tremendously helpful if perfumes came with a production date like wine, wouldn't it?

At January 30, 2007 3:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Ayala,

I am happy you write No.19. This article is my favorite one from your blog. You wrote it in such an evocative and vulnerable style.

If I have to have only one perfume that would be 19. I owe Edp and Parfum form. And my favorite is the same like you: Edp and parfum. I love the floral heart w/vétiver in Edp and the leather w/vétiver in Parfum.

What you have emotionally with 19 is what I have with Mitsouko, which made me feel I’m left all alone and there’s nobody else left on this lonely planet….alas, I always feel too sad to wear Mitsouko. However 19 is more of a scent that totally fits my character. I don’t feel it’s sad to me. I feel happy wearing #19.

It is very interesting how a fragrance casts different effect to different people.

Have a nice day,


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